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This 2 day programme gives you the tools to control your nerves, channel your energy in the right direction and deliver a memorable, well-structured presentation.
Being able to present is critical to career success in business today. Imagine being able to stand up and put your message across in a clear, confident and compelling way whether to an internal or external audience.

Workshop outcomes: 

  • Preparation – the tips and techniques to save you time
  • Structure – how to structure your message effectively for clarity
  • Overcoming nerves – harnessing your energy and channelling it in the right direction
  • Personal skills – engaging your audience with clear, confident delivery
  • Tips and techniques – simple tools you can use over and over again
  • Visual aids – using appropriately to enhance your message
  • Opening – creating the desired impact from the start
  • Closing – finishing on a high and leaving them wanting more

Who is it for?

This programme is for anyone who is new to presenting or who wants to increase their knowledge and confidence when delivering presentations. 

  • Enhancing business performance