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Breaking Down the Silos

It is more important than ever for teams and departments to be in on the same page. Teams that work against one another to achieve narrowly defined goals at the expense of other groups in the organization create an unproductive, inefficient and de-motivated workforce.

In this bespoke programme participants discover how to build a healthy, productive work environment and realise the power of collaborative team work. From the very start of the first day everyone will be interactive in participating in fun yet hard hitting activities. You will walk away with an agreed, strategically aligned plan of implementation

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Agree and implement a positive and cohesive working environment
  • Build trust and respect between team members
  • Practice giving and receiving effective and productive feedback
  • Improve communication and understanding between individuals and teams
  • Establish rules of engagement for resolving conflicts
  • Identify and value the diversity of skills and abilities within the group
  • Demonstrate the power of the team through creative synergy
  • Focus on the core issues facing the group and plan collaboratively and creatively to overcome
  • Achieve strategic alignment throughout the organisation
  • Transfer the learning back to the work place