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Executive Coaching enables an individual to improve their leadership and management performance, whilst building on their inherent knowledge and wisdom to find their own solutions. It focuses on their background, experience and knowledge to move forward.     

It takes place in a supportive yet challenging working partnership that benefits the organisation and the individual. It is about performance improvement through raising confidence, providing focus and developing skills.

We understand that it is important to define coaching objectives early, these need to encompass both short term goals and longer term aspirations. The client is often involved at the outset to incorporate an organisational dimension. Part of this process is an understanding of how the individual is working currently, as well as reflecting on their key strengths and challenges.

New Hat Thinking have a broad industry knowledge and experience which significantly enhances the coaching experience. They describe their executive coaching as “highly focused, pragmatic and commercial,” which in turn creates robust, strong and confidence-building working partnerships which are underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques. 

Executive Coaching aspires to support the individual so that they can think creatively and develop their thinking so that they can produce effective strategies for their organisations and their selves. The focus will be on the execution of intentions whilst retaining emphasis on success and capturing learning.

The format of Executive Coaching is flexible and built around the individual’s needs, timeframe and agenda supporting each individual as they pursue the achievement of their goals.

Outplacement Coaching

We provide practical and specialist career coaching support to enable middle and senior leaders to move onto new opportunities as soon as possible. Working with individual clients our coaches can help to navigate the competitive job market enabling organisations to support leavers well and focus on the morale of retained employees. Our service is driven by the individual’s needs, skills and experience, providing a personal, confidential and unique service for every client. We work with client organisations  to design packages of transition support that are tailored to the individual and to the organisation that will typically include  the following:

  • Career review and analysis:  competencies, experience, aptitudes, attitudes, aspirations and values. We offer psychometric profiling to support this as well as the skills of an experienced career coach during 1:1 sessions.
  • Exploring  options:   and /or alternative ways of working, establishing fields of opportunity.
  • Marketing your skills to employers:   CV preparation, online presence and job/career search strategies. Interview and presentation coaching.