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Halma Water Management


Halma Water Management

Delivery team

Soozi Parker

Client contact

Angela Methuen, Production Manager

Event title

'Investing in You’ People Development Project

Our brief

HWM design, manufacture and deliver outstanding quality measurement and detection systems worldwide. It had experienced growth to such a degree that it could not expand it’s current site anymore and had to buy another facilitiy in a separate building 5 minutes’ walk down the road. The fast growth had left a legacy of silo mentality across sites and departments. There was also a desire to help newly promoted people and to invest in staff development for all levels.

What we did

We delivered the project in three phases:
Phase one was a 1 day workshop with the team leaders and supervisors from the shop floor and several other departments. It was designed to help the group fully understand their leadership responsibility; the delights and challenges it may hold and skills that could help. It was a highly interactive event allowing people to develop relationships across departments, share experiences and strengths and appreciating the role they can play in enhancing team performance.

Phase two involved people from different departments and focused on breaking down the cross functional barriers. In addition to several team based and creative activities we used a psychometric tool. This helped participants to understand different personalities, increasing self-awareness and valuing diversity.

Phase three was designed for a good cross section of employees in terms of function and seniority, with representation at board level. Here we discussed the goals of the organisation with a view to enhance strategic alignment and explored the company culture. There were open collaborative discussions to identify how they would like to work together going forward and steps to take to achieve it

What our client said

I was extremely fortunate to be involved in all three phases of the HWM training workshops as both a participant and observer. The workshops had a very good balance with just the right amount of chalk and talk, a number of team breakout activities and the more physical outdoor team activity which kept everyone interested and involved throughout the day.

Phase one workshops gave me the opportunity to understand and develop my individual team leadership skills, and also look inwards at myself and identify how I could develop as a supervisor. I was also able to observe my team leaders and identify the areas where they showed confidence and where they needed support.

Phase two workshop invited everyone look at the bigger picture of HWM business needs, and how each department and individual could support the overall success by achieving the key performance indicators. I found the discussions very interesting as it gave me an insight into the needs and wants of others. Also the isometric test which identified our individual differences, and also that we all had different strengths and skills. The workshop made me aware that our plans needed to be well thought out and align with the business key performance indicators; not only to achieve production targets but to support other department allowing them to achieve.