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Delivery Team

Soozi Parker

Event title

Oseco Project Managers Leadership Programme

Client testimonial written by

Harry Bucher, Engineering Manager for Oseco 


Constantly developing new products to meet and exceed its customer requirements is an essential part Oseco’s success.  We not only needed to focus on meeting the customer needs but needed to focus on the human processes and interactions rather than the mechanical to maximise efficiencies.  This is where New Hat Thinking comes in to its own.


We needed to look at developing strong team work, building trust within the organisation, strengthening leadership and resolving conflicts within the company.  We needed people development in order to maximise the performance of our employees.  Soozi asked some very pertinent questions to get to the root cause of the challenges and developed 2 day workshops for us that focused very specifically on the leadership aspects centred around building strong teams, building trust, managing the performance of a project team and resolving conflicts. Soozi’s design, content and delivery was a perfect fit into our other people development activities leading to compounding benefits of all training course elements.


Soozi’s training is geared to take people outside of their normal working environment and challenge their comfort zone. We ran the programme offsite with an overnight stay to allow a physical as well as mental separation from work and allowing everyone to get to know each other better on a personal level.  Together we worked towards achieving the programme outcome through participation with an emphasis on individual personalities and getting the best out of all participants.  The activities were very hands on and fun with the learning constantly being related back to real life and work.  Soozi is an absolute master in managing all the difficult personalities within the groups.  She simply has a magic touch combined with great experience and knowledge to get the best out of everyone we send on the programmes.

What our client said

'We have seen time frames of projects from inception to successful product launch significantly reduce over the last 3 years since the programme has been running, leading to quicker ROI for projects as well as greater sales growth coming from the new products. We also have a more cohesive cooperation between different departments and most importantly, the relationships within project teams that previously led to conflicts and tense situations are no longer evident because issues are resolved early.

We are extremely pleased with the results so far, and we have more to come, we therefore cannot recommend New Hat Thinking enough and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship into 2016.'